ADN-016 Sarina Takeuchi


ADN-016 Forgive Me Dear… The Fall Of A Lady Wife Murakami Risa. Takeuchi Sarina is a beautiful and courageous wife doing housework, she loves her husband wholeheartedly. But one night, she heard a groan in her sister’s room, going to the room to see it was unexpectedly, it was the husband that she loved all the time and her younger sister was fuck each other. After that shock, Takeuchi still didn’t tell her husband and sister that she knew the truth … She chose to be silent and hoped it was just a temporary mistake of her husband … Then one day, Takeuchi met the neighbor next door, he was someone who could see through the female mind, it was understandable for a guy who specializes in peeping at girls like him.

Date: February 6, 2021