ADN-017 Asami Ogawa


ADN-017 I Just Want You To Love Me. Asami Ogawa is the wife of an office worker, she is not only beautiful, talented, but also extremely romantic and loves her husband. Then their happy life seems to have been messed up since he brought his colleague home to work together to meet the deadline. That evening, after witnessing the love of the Ogawa couple, the man was extremely jealous. Then he came up with a perfect plan to be served by the wife of his colleague and fuck … that plan was … Ever since that service, the husband was cold to Ogawa even though Ogawa was not at fault in this. As for Ogawa, she noticed that her husband no longer loved her much, along with the feeling of happiness that the hard cock of that colleague had brought, made Ogawa unable to forget, so she …

Date: February 11, 2021