ADN-021 Desire Is Sad Ai Haneda Online HD


ADN-021 Desire Is Sad Ai Haneda Online HD. Ai Haneda is a colleague of mine, she is a beautiful and talented woman. She has a husband and a very happy life, everyday Ai Haneda just stays at home and cooks to serve her husband, but this makes her feel boring with her nature as a talented woman so Ai Haneda discussed with her husband to apply for a job at a certain company. From here, many events happened on the first day of her application for a job because of her seductive beauty, so she was raped by my director but could not resist. After that, Ai Haneda was accepted to work and I became her colleague. One day while passing by the boss’s room, I suddenly saw my boss continue to rape Ai Haneda to satisfy his lust, now I took my cell phone and filmed the whole scene. And then the lust of a young man at the fullest age of life like me arose strongly, every time I saw Ai Haneda’s beautiful face, I could not resist. I came and gave the video I recorded so she could make love to me, but she resisted so hard, I had to stop. When I got back to my room that day, I felt very sorry for my co-workers but suddenly the phone rang and it was Ai Haneda’s number. Suddenly she called me to her room and it all happened amazing …

Date: February 15, 2021