ADN-050 Misuzu Tachibana


ADN-050 You And Forgive Tachibana Secret Meeting With The Best Friend Of The Affair Partner. The film has a pretty good rape content by Misuzu Tachibana, she has a very sharp and white face. The movie is about the best friend Misuzu and that girl, they often date to hang out here and there when free and give gifts to each other. One day, Misuzu’s husband was on a business trip, with only her left at home, so she invited her friend over to play to help ease anyone who expected this man to bring her husband with her. After eating and drinking, the wife fell asleep, leaving only Misuzu and her friend’s husband. He just got caught up in lascivious blood and pulled Misuzu to the sofa and raped her and then …

Date: February 13, 2021