ADN-115 Matsushita Saeko


ADN-115 Nefarious Kangakari Younger Man And Busty Wife. The beginning of the movie is a scene where Matsushita Saeko is lying on the bed and fucking masturbating because her place seems to have not been fucked for a long time, even though she is married, her husband is very sick and often goes to work so she does not touch it. Sex with her. So masturbation is a way to help Matsushita Saeko feel happy every day. Next to her house was the home of an inexplicably grown-up student from the moment he met Matsushita Saeko the first time he was fond of her. The student uses binoculars to facilitate observing Matsushita Saeko every day and night. He knows very well that Matsushita often masturbates when her husband is away from home and of course he doesn’t miss any details on the neighbor’s sister’s sexy body. One day, when he saw that the Matsushita house was hanging clothes in front of the yard, the student sneaked in to steal a pair of underwear that her sister brought back and smelled it to help reduce cravings and by the way she watched her masturbate on the sofa. This is the first time he has witnessed Matsushita’s irresistible sexy look. However, he hadn’t been able to watch it for long when he was found out by her eyes …

Date: February 10, 2021