ADN-141 Kidzuki Anri


ADN-141 Please Forgive Me Shimotsu Ann Rin Of Love. Kidzuki Anri is a gentle beautiful girl, she has a successful husband and a best friend. One day while coming home from work, the husband accidentally forgot his briefcase containing extremely important documents on the subway battle. Luckily for the Kidzuki Anri family the briefcase fell into the hands of a kind man. The next morning the man came to the house at the address he saw on the briefcase. From the first time she met Kidzuki Anri, the man was fascinated by her innocent beauty. Despite this passion, he knows that Kidzuki Anri is married, so he has no thoughts. Thought that everything was done, but since Kidzuki Anri’s best friend was not married, Kidzuki Anri intended to introduce this kind man to his friend. But things turned out in a different direction: …

Date: February 10, 2021