ADN-164 Rui Hitzuki


ADN-164 Being Fucked In Front Of Her Husband – New Life Seiyuki. The movie is about Rui Hitzuki, a wonderful beautiful woman who loves her husband. She and her husband went to the city to live, the couple looked to rent a house. They did not know that the landlord was a sex addict, he just saw Rui Hitzuki and had a craving for it. That day the couple cleaned up their new room together, and in the evening they had a meal together and didn’t forget to fuck before bed. The next day the husband went to work leaving the wife at home and this was a chance for the neighbor to sneak into the wife’s room and whatever came, after as long as he restrained him, he became even more ferocious, he rushed in. rape Rui Hitzuki despite her helpless resistance, not only rape once, he fucked her continuously that day, leaving Rui Hitzuki exhausted but he could do nothing more.

Date: February 10, 2021