ADN-190 Sana Matsunaga


ADN-190 Unfaithful Adultery Broken Couple Sana Matsunaga. Sana Matsunaga is a beautiful girl, a very beautiful body with long legs with enlarged breasts and a lascivious face. Because her husband was insolvent, she had to apply for a job at a fast food store. The little money she earns must be paid to the creditors. As for her husband, he lost his spirit and had no desire to work. Knowing this shop owner is very sympathetic to her and wants to help her. One day after work, the boss gave Sana some money and told her to bring back the debt, but in return she had to let the boss fuck her because he had noticed and craved her for so long. However, because she still loved her husband so much, Sana didn’t agree and she …

Date: February 10, 2021