ADN-246 Jailbreak Haruna Kawakita


ADN-246 Jailbreak Haruna Kawakita. Haruna Kawakita is a woman who is in love with her husband, and then one day while her husband Kawakita goes to work and she comes back from the supermarket, she finds a strange man in the house. Kawakita was very bewildered that before he could do anything, he rushed to beat Kawakita to faint. When she woke up Kawakita found herself lying on the bed, her arms, legs and mouth tied up by the stranger. He still stuck the knife at Kawakita, not daring to move. Then he began stripping Kawakita’s dress to reveal her white thighs, next he gently lifted off the flimsy white bra to reveal Kawakita’s sexy big, round breasts. The head uses his tongue to lick Kawakita’s 2 nipples …

Date: February 15, 2021