ADN-258 Yumi Maeda


ADN-258 Fucked In Front Of Her Husband Immoral Overtime. Riho Fujimori is an employee of a certain company, she is married and their married life is very happy. However, one incident happened to her small family. That day, because of the urgent work, Riho had to stay at the company to finish the important draft. That night her boss also stayed, the two worked until late at night when suddenly the old boss’s eyes began to change. Suddenly he saw how charming and beautiful Riho looked, rosy cheeks and luscious red lips flickering under the office lights made him want to fuck Riho. So his spoiled hands began to embrace Riho and it quickly touched her ruddy nipples that made her shiver, the feeling was strange, her husband had never given her this feeling before. However, Riho immediately got out of that happy thought and pushed the boss away … Then they fuck a lot …

Date: February 10, 2021