APNS-007 Misa Suzumi


APNS-007 It Is To Be Too Embarrassed To Face The Fiance Body …. Ryoumi Misa. The movie is about a beautiful girl in the countryside who moves to the city, because of a difficult family situation, she has to stay in a dorm with a multitude of different ingredients. Next to her room is the room of 3 guys who regularly drink and then organize gambling everywhere … A girl is on the phone when she hears the screams causing trouble in the next room. Because she couldn’t stand the noise, she went to these guys’ room and gently knocked on the door to complain. One man opened the door with a very annoyed expression, she was barely able to speak a few sentences when another man punched her in the stomach and made her faint, then they brought her into the room and …

Date: February 18, 2021