ATID-276 Yuu Konishi


ATID-276 Humanity Humiliation Series Osaka Woman Yuu Konishi. This girl I think is quite pretty, but somehow she is lewd, guys. Her body is too standard with lumpy breasts and looks good enough. This movie tells the love story of a beautiful girl Yuu Konishi, who has a young lover but he often takes care of work and does not seem to care much about her. She works at a certain restaurant with a good chef. Due to heavy contact, she gradually fell in love with him. There was a boss at this restaurant who wanted to fuck her and he paid her some money to give him a blowjob. As for the chef, even though he sucks his pussy many times and gets blowjob by her, how the hell is he that is determined not to fuck her. Only then did Konishi think of a way to make the chef fuck him. That day a man came to eat and she seduced him, and he couldn’t help but fuck and the chef just stood by and …

Date: February 11, 2021