ATID-318 Akari Tsumugi


ATID-318 Female Teacher Toy Planning. Akira Tsurugi is an idol who has just joined the JAV industry not so long so her production is not much. This is her newest and most appreciated movie to date. The film is about a beautiful teacher, but unfortunately raped by a spoiled student. It started on a hot summer day while giving a lecture when her sweat was soaked in charm. This made a pupil notice and follow her every movement. She really looked so beautiful that his penis was unconsciously hard. Because he was afraid of being discovered, the pupil pretended to be sick and asked permission to lie down in the infirmary. However, who knows that he went to the infirmary and opened her picture and masturbated. That evening, he used the other photo, grafted the teacher’s face into a naked girl and continued to masturbate. The next day, he continued to pretend pain and went back to the infirmary and masturbated again. After class, the beautiful teacher came in to visit and saw the student’s hand holding a large penis. Quite startled she was about to leave when …

Date: February 6, 2021