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Caribbeancom 042117-417 Yuna Himekawa Go To School. Today is Himekawa’s first day at the new school. Because of her surprise, Himekawa entered the wrong men’s restroom the first time she went to the bathroom. Unfortunately for Himekawa, however, there was only one spoiled male student in the boys’ bathroom who had just finished urinating. Himekawa accidentally bumped into him. Without saying another word, the male student just pushed Himekawa’s head into his big cock and forced her to suck it. Up until now, Himekawa had only known about his lover’s small penis, but had never seen a cock as big as that of the male student, so Himekawa also suckled enthusiastically. Not only that, after that lesson, the two had a very enthusiastic carrot growing session in the classroom.

Date: June 10, 2021