Caribbeancom 091614-691 Satomi Nagase


Caribbeancom 091614-691 Black people who came to my house Satomi Nagase. The film tells the friendship of a long-time friend of a Japanese young man and a black guy. After the long years apart, the two of them met and had an intimate dinner with his Japanese wife. After dinner, our Japanese friend has to go out. And the wife went to take a bath so that the black man stayed in the living room, because of itchiness and curiosity, he went to the bathroom and waited for his wife’s friend to bathe. The black man watched his wife’s clothes gently take off to reveal the big white breasts, indeed the black man was very hungry but could not do anything so he turned to the living room to play with the phone. As for the wife, after showering, she craved fuck so she was masturbating in the room. However, this did not make me feel so suddenly when she thought of her husband’s friend, western, the penis would be very thirsty compared to her husband, so the wife …

Date: February 6, 2021