DASD-351 Yui Hatano


DASD-351 I Only Friendly Obedient Yui Hatano That She Had Been Bred Press Cuckold To The Neighboring House Of Father. The film is about Hatano, a beautiful woman but somehow she is lewd. She lives in a motel with her younger husband. At first they got married every day they made love and it seemed the wife was addicted so she became more and more sexually active, she exhausted her young husband every night and never forgave him until she was satisfied. . And over time he was greatly weakened and could not make his wife any more happy so she reached out to a middle-aged neighbor and of course he could not refuse. With a long fuck experience, the neighbor easily made her high on a sneaky night. But then things got messed up when the young husband came home from work one day and heard his wife moaning in the neighbor’s room and then …

Date: February 18, 2021