DASD-461 Miyuki Arisaka


DASD-461 My Girlfriend Fucked My Neighbor Miyuki Arisaka. Miyuki Arisaka is a beautiful girl, she possesses a slim body, white, and a big, well-rounded ass is quite delicious. Miyuki is living with her lover in a small apartment building. Next to her house is a neighbor who, despite his age, is still single. Because it is an apartment, the rooms built together with every static in this room can easily be heard by the next room. The times when Miyuki and her boyfriend fuck each other, the neighbor will press his ear against the wall to hear Miyuki’s moan. Talking about the neighbor, he was probably a fairly experienced thief before, so it was easy for him to unlock the door. What’s going to be interesting next?

Date: February 10, 2021