DASD-621 Hikaru Harukaze


DASD-621 My Girlfriend Was Taken Down By My Neighbor. A Suspicious Cake That Shakes A Girl Heart Hikaru Harukaze. The story is about Harukaze, a girl who possesses a lewd beauty, she has a lover and the two often go to her room to fuck. Next to Harukaze’s room was a perverted neighbor, who often dressed up as a girl to rape young girls. Of course Harukaze is the object he wants to fuck, every night he has to endure the moans of her and her boyfriend. Then he also began to take action, everything originated from the cake of drugged impregnated with his aphrodisiac … Will he be able to fuck Harukaze and Harukaze will leave his boyfriend to follow the metamorphic attractiveness of the other old neighbor ?

Date: February 6, 2021