DLY-004 Rina Kawahara


DLY-004 Yabaitsu She Returned Home In Cheating Hurry Hidden Cheating Opponent Under The Bed Ends Up Estrus. A fairly new genre of movies on javtivi, the film starring the idols Rina Kawahara, Kawana Hikaru in part 1 and Okamoto Nana, Taketou Tsugumi participating in part 2. The film is about the cherry blossom boys. Although she had a lover, she still secretly told her lover. So one day while he was preparing to fuck his mistress, suddenly his lover suddenly came to the room, at that moment he told her to hide from the bed. However, things get troublesome when her lover comes to love again and tells him to fuck her … How will he handle this situation?

Date: February 11, 2021