DVAJ-335 Kuraki Shiori


DVAJ-335 Shiori Kuraki Once In A While, I Reunited With My Cousin Who Taught Me How To Do Masturbation For The First Time In Five Years. I am a boy over 25 years old, but it’s really worthless, so I stay home all day playing games and sticking to my mother. But the one person who changed me was my cousin who had been away for many years. Today she came to the city from her hometown to play during the summer break. The last time I met her, she was just a black 10-year-old girl but this time she met her an extremely beautiful and charming girl with jet-black hair, white skin and very tight breasts. I just stared dumbfounded at her while she was talking to my mother. For some reason I felt my body could not stand it hot, so I got up and went into the room and then …

Date: February 10, 2021