FSDSS-077 Moe Amatsuka


FSDSS-077 She Hated Her Captain, But To Her Surprise, Found Out That During Their Stayover, She Was Booked To Stay In His Hotel Room… This Slender Cabin Attendant With Light Skin Spent The Entire Night Getting Relentlessly Piston-Pumped And Orgasming. Moe Amatsuka is a beautiful girl so she easily works as a flight attendant. However, her job is not very favorable when she has to work with an immature captain, he is often difficult with Moe even though she did nothing wrong. After the flights he frequently made Moe stay and chat with him, though she didn’t like it at all. Then one day after a fateful flight, Moe was put aphrodisiac by the captain into a glass of water and then he brought Moe to the hotel, that night Moe had reached the top countless times.


Date: February 10, 2021