FSDSS-099 Yoshitaka Nene


FSDSS-099 My Cousin Returned To Our Hometown And For Three Midsummer Days We Sank Into Forbidden Sexual Pleasures Nene Yoshitaka. I am a grown-up young man, but instead of choosing to go to the city to do business like everyone else, I choose to stay in my homeland to succeed my father. Then this summer I received a very big surprise, perhaps this is an unforgettable memory for me and my cousin. That morning, after waking up and I just stumbled into the living room wearing only a bra, in front of my eyes was a very beautiful girl, unmistakably Nene, my cousin. wish to see you again after long distance. Nene looked at me from top to bottom and showed a bright smile like a flower. Now Nene is big and very beautiful, but her personality is as innocent as ever, and the following days are a series of days that could not be more wonderful between the two of us.

Date: February 13, 2021