GVG-078 Urumi Narumi


GVG-078 My Big Sister is Real Sex Ed Urumi Narumi. I am a kid in puberty. I live in a house made up of my parents and a beautiful and lovely sister. My parents strictly supervised me, only my sister loved me the most. One day my mother discovered that in my bag there was an adult magazine that my friend had lent me. That day I was scolded by my mother, nee-san just couldn’t help but watch. Then that night my sister came into my room and comforted me, she knew that I was in puberty so she loved me very much, talked for a while, then she gently took off her shirt to reveal her full breasts. I felt a burning sensation when in front of my eyes were my sister’s real and tight breasts, not like in the magazine I used to watch …

Date: February 18, 2021