GVG-395 Tsuno Miho


GVG-395 Forbidden Care. The story is about the wife Tsuno Miho of a certain guy, they are living with their father-in-law and every day the wife has to take care of him and the husband takes care of the work of making money to support the family. They would be very happy if the husband had a bit of a strong physiology to serve his wife but he couldn’t get better. One day the wife picked up a flyer advertising an energy-enhancing drug. After a while she was puzzled she called the switchboard and a few minutes later a pretty old middle-aged man arrived. He introduces himself as an invigorating potion and tells her that he can’t believe him for an experiment. And of course he gets her blowjob. Then she trusted and bought a package for her husband. However, she did not expect that her father-in-law saw it all and …

Date: February 11, 2021