GVG-655 Akari Mitani


GVG-655 Forbidden Care Nori Miya. Akari Mitani is a beautiful young woman who soon came home as a bride when her father-in-law fell ill, so her husband asked his wife to stay home to take care of her father. Though she was uninterested, Akari had to bow her head in acceptance. Right from the first day she looked after her father, Akari always showed respect and wholeheartedly cared for her father. However, because every day Akari dresses very sexy with a short skirt close to her butt, every time she sits down reveals her underwear, making her father very excited and irresistible. Moreover, the daughter-in-law is pretty when she doesn’t smile, so the father really wants to fuck her, he pretends he can’t chew by himself so he tells Akari to chew and feed him. Every time it was eaten, it was the mouth of the father-in-law like Akari’s chubby mouth. And then what will happen next?

Date: February 11, 2021