HBAD-334 Hibiki Otsuki


HBAD-334 Showa Woman Of Elegy Evacuation Destination Of The Village Becomes The Scapegoat Of Female Students Became The Plaything Of The Gendarmerie And The Villagers Naked Shame, Female Teacher 1943 Otsuki Sound. Hibiki Otsuki is an idol who has made headlines in all the JAV arena in 2011 and 2012, this 1988-born idol has an extremely cute and beautiful face, her acting must say no can not be achieved more. This is one of her favorite movies and more in HD quality (finding her HD movies is very difficult), the film is told during the war in Japan, people are evacuated to Focused residential area to avoid war. Among the villagers, there is a woman of full beauty, she is a teacher to teach other women. Accidentally, she was noticed by a soldier and threatened her, he forced her to strip off before his students. Then he returned to report to the lascivious old marshal and the young teacher’s fate will be like?

Date: February 10, 2021