HBAD-484 Yurika Aoi


HBAD-484 Female Teacher That Was Occupied A Home And Was Made To Toys Of Students Our Princess. Yurika Aoi is a personality teacher so she is not married and lives alone in a beautiful house. She was very pleased with the life without her manliness. However, things changed when she was noticed by the gym teacher in the school. He was tired of Yurika’s beautiful beauty and charming figure, and one night he came to her house to ask for a night’s sleep, but Yurika was used to living alone so he refused and chased his colleague back. . After being kicked back, the teacher was more eager to fuck Yurika than he gathered a bunch of his bad students to Yurika’s house and took the house and took Yurika to serve him and the other students. What pitiful Yurika would face what dangers ahead.

Date: February 7, 2021