Heyzo 0603 Mai Takizawa A dirty office lady


Heyzo 0603 Mai Takizawa A dirty office lady. The story is about an extremely lustful colleague Mai Takizawa. While going to the toilet that day, a lucky colleague passed by his boss’s room when he heard his boss’s gasp, along with the last continuous sound. Afraid that the boss would happen, he opened the door to see it, when he was surprised when the beautiful colleague was drunkenly sucking his boss’s small dick, her face was so lustful while sucking it was so lewd to resist. . Standing still for a few seconds, he was about to leave but lingered to see how long his boss could hold out. However, because he kept watching, he was discovered by his colleague, she was not shy, but also looked back at him with a look that really just wanted to fuck and hate.

Date: February 8, 2021