HOKS-043 Kana Tenzuki


HOKS-043 Kana Tenzuki Saw Daughter Foolery. The story is about a beautiful young daughter and physiological stepfather. Tenzuki returned home with his father after a tiring semester in the city. After a year, Tenzuki is much prettier and looks like a city girl. One morning Tenzuki’s father didn’t go to work one day and went to his daughter’s room to clean up when he accidentally opened the suitcase that the girl brought from the city. Oh what a surprise in there all are sextoy. Later that day his stepfather secretly came up with unkind thoughts, and even at night, he even imagined a girl masturbating. Although he wanted to fuck girls, but because of his physiological weakness, he did not dare to move, afraid to lose face in front of girls so he had a plan …

Date: February 7, 2021