IPX-327 Nanami Misaki


IPX-327 My Father-in-law Violates Me While Husband Is Away Until I Get Pregnant. Nanami Misaki is living with her husband and her father-in-law at a beautiful house. Everyday Misaki’s husband works at the company, and Misaki is busy with housework, only the father-in-law is the best. One day while cleaning the tea room Misaki discovers his father’s adult magazine. Misaki is afraid of his father and seems to be wary of him. Then life went by as Misaki moved into the house, her father-in-law peeked and her husband’s work became more and more insensitive to sex with her. One count, her husband had to work late at night, so his father-in-law invited Misaki to drink some beer to relieve himself. Misaki agrees because she is sad, but she forgets that her father-in-law is an unwise hobby …

Date: February 7, 2021