IPX-515 Karen Kaede


IPX-515 My Lover Was Waiting At Home, But In The Flow Of Missing The Last Train And Staying At The House Of A Woman Employee Who Was Too Beautiful… Kaede Karen. Again a very familiar story in Japan, but this time with the presence of angel Kaede Karen will surely make you satisfied. The story tells about a husband who is good at housework, taking care of the company. One day, because he always loves work, he missed the train at the end of the day, so he couldn’t go home with his wife. Fortunately for him, his colleague from near the company has not returned yet. Seeing that a colleague could not go home, she told him to go home and stay for 1 night (actually, she secretly loves him for a long time). And then the innocent guy fell into the love trap of his beautiful colleague like an angel …


Date: February 10, 2021