JAV Uncensored Fuck Mai Shimizu


Mai Shimizu has a very good body, especially her pussy, but I don’t understand why she only plays one movie and then quits, this is just a part of the movie that she has done quite well. This girl is contraindicated for men who like beautiful girls, but for those who love beautiful bodies, it cannot be ignored. Shimizu is a delicious girl, she is studying in the city and staying at her uncle’s house, this summer Shimizu returned to her hometown with her uncle’s family to visit her mother. Because Shimizu’s house was quite small, her cousin had to sleep with her. Even though he was in the city before, when he was in the same room with Shimizu, he couldn’t believe that besides his not-so-pretty face, his cousin was delicious. Then because he couldn’t control it, he opened Shimizu’s body to suck, Shimizu surprised him in episode 2 because Shimizu’s pussy was really too sweet and full of lust.

Date: July 13, 2021