JBD-209 Chitose Hara


JBD-209 Wife Saki Original Public Rope Executions VIP Chitose. The movie tells the story of Chitose Hara, a single person who lives in a house in a large apartment complex. One day a man and a woman who looked like a mother and daughter came to her house and told her that they had just moved here but had not yet arranged their belongings so the woman wanted her to let her child stay for a night. because the son has something sick. After a moment’s hesitation Chitose Hara agreed. Even in the dream, she did not expect that she was raped by the person she allowed to live in, even more did she expect that the woman was not a mother and child with her rapist, but she was hired by this man to pretend to be a mother. child to go deceive the girls living alone.

Date: February 18, 2021