JUL-263 Ai Mukai


JUL-263 I Went To Pick Up My Drunk Sister-in-law Tonight. The story is about Ai Mukai a beautiful girl, she has been married for 4 years, her husband is a director of a large company. Thought that Ai Mukai would be happy, but not in the last 2 years the husband no longer cared about Ai Mukai’s feelings. The two of them slept together, but the husband didn’t even kiss Ai Mukai, let alone fuck each other. This made Ai Mukai extremely miserable. Even worse, she did not know what caused her husband to become like this. Then one day Ai Mukai and his best friend went out for a drink, because he was so sad that Ai Mukai got drunk and could not return, but once again the husband did not care about Ai Mukai, he ignored her and asked. The younger brother came to pick him up … And then a woman who has not had sex for 2 years standing in front of the kindness of her innocent brother is not able to control it …

Date: February 10, 2021