JUL-293 Natsuki Takeuchi


JUL-293 Takeuchi Natsuki Beautiful Slender Office Lady. Natsuki and her husband just bought a new installment payment apartment so Natsuki wanted to help her husband earn some extra income so she discussed it with her husband. Just or his husband’s partner company has announced the recruitment of staff, he brought his wife to the interview. Of course, with her intelligence and extremely slim body, Natsuki was immediately accepted by the boss. Thinking that everything would go well with Natsuki and her husband but that was not the case, one day Natsuki was blamed for the wrong books, but she did not expect that this was the trap that the boss had set up. Then one day, he asked Natsuki to bring a miniskirt to meet his partner, because of the mistake Natsuki had made before, she couldn’t refuse. And then things continued until one day the boss couldn’t contain Natsuki’s charms so he …

Date: February 11, 2021