JUL-305 Nao Jinguuji


JUL-305 I Secretly Want You To Fuck My Wife – Her Husband Has Cuckold Fantasies And Planned Out A Creampie Adultery Fuck Fest – Nao Jinguji. A psychological and emotional drama about the struggle between money, fame and love. Nao Jinguji is a beautiful woman, she is very young and married a middle-aged husband, so Jinguji’s physiological needs are very high and the husband cannot fully fulfill it. That night, Nao Jinguji showered cleanly, dressed in a charming black lace nightgown, she sat and sipped a glass of wine and waited for her husband to return to fuck her. And her husband came home, but this time her husband was drunk, right next to him was his colleague. Nao Jinguji was extremely shy because her outfits were a bit revealing … That night her colleague and Nao Jinguji had a fuck while her husband slept. However, whether husband Nao Jinguji is really sleeping, or is he deliberately setting up a talented colleague who is threatening his position at the company, causing him to plunge into lust to distract his job.

Date: February 15, 2021