JUL-333 Ririko Kinoshita


JUL-333 I Was On A Business Trip And Was Staying At A Business Trip And To My Incredible Surprise I Was Booked Into The Same Room As My Favorite Lady Boss. Ririko Kinoshita was the employee’s superior. Because the company has a big contract, so Ririko needs to go to the place to negotiate, Ririko is brought with an assistant to help her and then Ririko chooses him as a gentle, honest young career. Nothing would have happened if that day the inn had only one room left, so Ririko had to share a room with her colleague. That night his colleague accidentally peeked at Ririko taking a bath, he did not expect that such a talented person like Ririko had such a beautiful body, Ririko’s face without a piece of cloth covering her body was so beautiful. Then … And what’s worth mentioning here is that the colleague didn’t expect Ririko to be so lewd …

Date: February 15, 2021