JUX-563 Chitose Hara


JUX-563 Housewife Decoy Been Debunked A Distorted Desire Lurking In The Investigation Molester Train – Body – Original Chitose. The film is about the love affair between the rapist and Chitose Hara. Chitose Hara is a beautiful girl with a steady job, she still regularly takes the bus to go to the company, one day she comes across a pervert who is touching a girl’s butt, she immediately goes stop him. Her action unintentionally caught the eye of a man who was just as perverted as the other. So this guy came up with a way of revenge to help his colleague. He kidnapped Chitose Hara and raped her. And by the time she was on the bus he slipped back and hooked her pussy, making her happy every day and gradually Chitose Hara fell in love with him.

Date: February 18, 2021