JUX-737 Yuko Shiraki


JUX-737 The Temptation Of My Aunt -The Bewitching Body That Drives Me Crazy With Dazzling Pleasure – Yuko Shiraki. I am a student who just graduated from high school. So this year I have to go to the city to go to university, fortunately for me my uncle lives in the city so of course I will stay with his uncle. Nothing will happen if my stepfather is a little older, currently it only has 1 bedroom so I come, I have to sleep with aunt and uncle. Then on the very first night I watched my aunt blowjob her stepdad. Her face was extremely lascivious at that time, I realized that I was infatuated with her body, she had a beautiful white breasts with tiny nipples, not only that her pussy was fragrant and beautiful. What … The days that followed were the days when I stole my wife and I fuck each other … and then it was impossible to pass the eyes of my uncle … Thought I would be chased away however It’s not like that, maybe out of sympathy with my younger situation, he allowed me to fuck with her …

Date: February 11, 2021