JUY-177 Misuzu Tachibana


JUY-177 This Married Woman And I Share The Same Commute, To The Office And Back, And One Day I Decided To Make My Move Misuzu Tachibana. The movie tells about Misuzu a beautiful and beautiful woman who lives with her husband in a large apartment, both of which have stable jobs, but the husband is engrossed in work, so their sex work is unlikely. . When Misuzu wanted to fuck, the husband was tired and just went to sleep so she had to secretly masturbate herself. Then one day on the way home from work late, she met a drunk guy, he was about to go to her, when a colleague from the same office she saw, he ran to stop when he was drunk and seriously wounded and then he left … Misuzu sent his colleague back to his room to take care of his wounds, and then goat blood surfaced after weeks of neglect by her husband so Misuzu was …

Date: February 13, 2021