JUY-296 Aya Sazanami


JUY-296 My Wife Is Embraced By Others …. Let is Take Leave Behind NETARRAY – Aya Sasami. Sorry you guys don’t like this girl. Lately I am a bit crazy about this girl, so the update is a bit too much, I hope you guys sympathize. It’s also because she’s so delicious and so lustful that it’s so new. This is also a very good movie of her. The content is about a middle-aged man who marries a too young wife. One day the husband drank too much, so he asked a young colleague to take him home. Just entering the house, the young man was ecstatic about the beauty, seduction and sexy beauty of his wife’s boss. So secretly messed up before going home, he hugged his boss’s wife and kissed, somehow the wife also responded enthusiastically, but suddenly she remembered her husband was still at home so he pushed him away. In the sadness of the mountain because it was a long time ago that she had not been happy because of her old husband’s helpless illness …

Date: February 10, 2021