JUY-375 Asuka Kukuroba


JUY-375 Afternoon Afternoon Who Can Not Tell Anyone – Married Wife Helper Being Absurdly Invited – Kirishima Sakura. A film with quite good content and perhaps a film with content unlike any other on javtivi.com. The movie tells about Kukuroba, a beautiful and very brave woman who is good at housework. She and her husband live very happily, even though they are married, but she still loves her previous job of caring for patients who lost the ability to do things on their own due to an accident or something like that. Her happiness is to see them recover and return to a normal life. Today as usual her husband went to work and after finishing all the housework she came to take care of a man with both hands paralyzed. She took care of him, showered him as thoughtful and devoted as she looked after her loved one, but she did not expect that his hands were healed today. When she started to use a towel to wipe his cock, it suddenly stood up and stiffened, making her very confused. Before he could do anything, he suddenly jumped up and pushed Kukuroba down and …

Date: February 10, 2021