JUY-430 Masako Ishikawa


JUY-430 Masako Ishikawa, A Wife Across From The Room. A stealthy movie worth watching with the presence of Ishikawa Yuuna was released on March 25, 2018. The film is about Ishikawa a beautiful and very confident wife, but she married a husband quite old and engrossed in work. So her husband often neglects her sex story even though she always dresses very sexy at home. Ishikawa feels so destitute and so eager to fuck that when she sees the mop she imagines her penis and just rolls on the chair and masturbate. Next to her house was the home of a young healthy and single young man. Of course he knew how delicious and lustful his neighbor’s sister was because he was constantly peeping at her through the window. Then one day …

Date: February 11, 2021