JUY-726 Aki Sasaki


JUY-726 A Woman Who Has Long Been Longing For A Business Hotel On A Business Trip And A Conflict Of Noiseless Stay Accommodation Sasaki Aki. I am a private secretary of a successful and married female director, with not very good-looking appearance, but with my peak ability, I have always been favored by the director. This week I and the director had a long trip to sign an important partner. After the signing ceremony went well, we went to a nearby hotel to rest. Because of my absolute trust and the fact that I was always honest, the director rented a double room for both of them. That night after I had finished showering, the director took a shower. Also curious, I secretly watched the director take off each piece of clothing on her body, the office dress was gently removed to reveal the extremely attractive black underwear that made me look at my body dumbfounded. look … After the shower, the director put on a towel and walked out of the room, by this point my tolerance had reached its limit so I had …

Date: February 7, 2021