JUY-845 Aki Sasaki


JUY-845 The Last Work Of Madonna Slimming. Irritating Sexual Intercourse Seeking For A Single Mind With Tears. A newly released masterpiece of Aki Sasaki. The film is quite touching content. Aki is a beautiful girl, during college Aki had a boyfriend who was also her first love. However, in the naive days, the doctors already know, Aki waited for a proposal of his boyfriend but because he was too shy to prepare his rings, he did not dare to ask. Only now Aki has married a rich middle-aged husband, but in her heart she always remembers the first innocent love affair with the other friend. And then fate led the two to meet again, his old friend after returning from study abroad came to find Aki and he still did not know that Aki was married so …

Date: February 7, 2021