JUY-925 Nao Jinguuji


JUY-925 A Madonna Label Exclusive Nao Jinguji – Jeweled Cuckold Drama The Strongest Collaboration. After Getting Continuously Fucked For 7 Days By My Husband’s Boss, I Finally Lost My Mind-A pretty sad story of a certain guy. After meeting Nao Jinguji, a beautiful wife who loves her husband but has a lascivious life, the director knew that she could not control Nao’s charm. That night while Nao’s husband was drunk and was preparing a sleeping place for the director … And just like that he fuck Nao for 7 consecutive days excluding the rain and wind, the first days, Nao resisted but because the director of the fuck is too harsh, so she thinks so, so Nao will enjoy. Because he could not resist the charm of Nao, he was fuck so much.

Date: February 7, 2021