KAWD-980 Moko Sakura


KAWD-980 During The Lost Hour Before My Wife Comes Home. Every Day. I am Fucking Her Daughter. Moko Sakura is a beautiful girl. Since childhood Sakura has lived alone with her mother in a small house. After Sakura grew up, her mother decided to go one step further and of course Sakura supported her. Today, Sakura and her mother moved to the stepfather’s house that her mother was acquainted with. The first time Sakura was able to set foot in such a large and beautiful house, she was extremely happy. However, the man Sakura called his stepfather did something she could not have expected. That day, Sakura was taking a shower when his stepfather came home from work, he accidentally saw Sakura’s underwear in front of the door, that image kept appearing in his stepfather’s head, in his mind a dark thought and …

Date: February 7, 2021