MIAA-037 Fukada Eiimi


MIAA-037 Who helps me get fucked by bullying childhood friend. Fukada Eiimi is a beautiful, talented class representative who wholeheartedly protects the weak students who are bullied in class. At the age of a student, she owns a huge body with big round breasts, a very cute face that makes the boys in the class very hungry to touch those breasts. In Eiimi class there is a male student who, because of his small body, is often bullied by the spoiled boys, each time Eiimi appears and protects him. Then one day those male students came up with a plan to get revenge on Eiimi that they took the poor boy back to their house and told him to call Eiimi to come and rescue. Eiimi didn’t expect this to be a male student’s trap so she came and …

Date: February 6, 2021