MIDE-742 Sudden Guerrilla Rainstorm Gravure


MIDE-742 Sudden Guerrilla Rainstorm Gravure And Distress Hut Alone Until Morning … Shoko Takahashi. It happened a long time ago, that was the time when I was fucked by a girl and I was robbed of my son’s virginity. Back then I was in high school, we had a group of close friends, that summer we held an outdoor BBQ party away from home. Unfortunately, it rained heavily, each person ran a different path to shelter from the rain. Incidentally, my brother and I were on the same road, looking like your wet rat was so sexy, I was just a teenage boy at that time. I didn’t know what a girl was but I looked at you at that time. I am so thirsty to want to hug you and fuck you … Now I don’t forget your beauty when I am naked in front of me, along with the delights that you bring to me on the sudden rainy summer night there.

Date: February 5, 2021