MUDR-038 Konomi Nishinomiya


MUDR-038 Konomi Nishinomiya From That Day All The Time Pretty Girl Uniform Nishimiya Konomi Is Tightly Bound Taught. The movie is about Nishinomiya Konomi, a pitiful girl who has lost her parents since a young age and lives with an evil uncle, who constantly scolds and controls Nishinomiya Konomi for everything, when sad, she can only hold a photo. Mom’s out to comfort herself to try harder. But she didn’t expect her uncle to be so cruel. After all, they were blood related to each other, but he did not hesitate to sell Nishinomiya Konomi to a young man who specializes in finding beautiful young girls to fuck and take money to drink. On the first day she was fucked by the other man in extreme pain both physically and mentally.

Date: February 10, 2021